GREAT BRITAIN Voice Over Work : Locating British Voiceover Job opportunities together with Agents

Scan online for voice over work also you’ll be faced with an enormous array of web sites providing vocal training programs, suggestions about companies as well as newcomers posting questions asking how and where to start in voice overs. When you click on several of these sites, you are going to notice that many of them are based outside of the United Kingdom.

So where do those people with British accents find the work? The best way is always to perfect the search, putting in keywords and phrases including ” UK voice over agency” or “voice over training in London, Manchester, Birmingham” and Glasgow. You will be a lot more specific by mentioning your gender; therefore “female British voice over artist” and “male British voiceover UK based” will make some interesting results.

However there are boundaries to all of this particular. It assumes that voice over artists just achieve jobs and work in their country of residence; within the age of the net this’s not necessarily the case. Those starting their careers usually find there is just as significant (if not more) alternative other than Britain. There are actually a few of reasons for this:

Inexpensive recording gear means you are able to set up a mini studio at home with minimal outlay. You only need the computer of yours, some program (free to download from the net) a microphone and sound deadening material. In the second case, pillows duvets and curtains are going to work extremely well in taking out room ambience. So it doesn’t matter where you reside or indeed where your client is situated, you are able to take a good file from anyplace to anywhere.

The other reason is usually that international clients, particularly in the US, Middle East as well as Europe, just love a real British accent. In many cases cachet is added by it and provides a product upmarket appeal. Should you have not made your showreel however, ask your sound over coach to actually bring out the natural tones of yours and accentuate the accent, whether it is Home Counties BBC model, or maybe you have a regional lilt like as’ Geordie’,’ Scouse’ or perhaps even’ Brummie.’

Casting your net wide and far is important in the voiceover community of the 21st century; those people that restrict themselves to England, Scotland, Ireland or Wales are essentially cutting out large swathes of potential work. But exactly where will you find jobs in some other countries? The best method usually is to employ on the list of outstanding voice over marketplaces out there. voice acting are not agencies, but venues where you can sell the voice of yours – they allow voice and client over artist to hook up via email, rather than meeting face to face or perhaps on the telephone. Such encounters are able to lead to productive relationships that produce that most effective of assets – repeat work.

any way it is also advisable not neglect the domestic market. Always keep a look out for brand new agents setting up as well as publish your voice reel to extra established players as you possibly can. Also cold calling manufacturing companies are able to produce results that are surprising.

So keep your choices wide open and widen your voice over horizons.

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