What is the best 4G network for Sim Only subscriptions at the moment? A quick overview of all the providers!

Which provider you can get the best 4G network from, depends entirely on the coverage of each provider in your neighborhood. Through the coverage cards of each provider you can clearly see what the coverage of a provider in your neighborhood is. It is possible that KPN has a worse coverage in your area than for example Vodafone. It is also possible that all 4 providers in your area have an excellent 4G network. In that case it doesn’t really matter which provider you choose. It is best to choose the goedkoopste sim only deals.

When will the 5G network be implemented?

For some time now there have been noises about a new mobile internet network, namely the 5G network. The 5G network is the successor of the 4G network. When the 5G network is introduced, we will be able to use the internet even faster. Characteristic for this network is the extremely high speed. The 5G network is about 50 times faster than the 4G network.

  • It is not yet known when the 5G network will be entered. The four major providers in the Netherlands are working hard behind the scenes to develop the 5G network. KPN is even conducting a number of trials with this network. According to KPN, in the Netherlands it is necessary for providers to be able to use the 3.5GHz frequency. However, this frequency will be occupied by intelligence services until at least 2022. Experts believe that this obstacle may delay the introduction of the 5G network in the Netherlands.

5G network will probably be introduced in 2020

Despite the above obstacle, European member states have agreed that by 2020 each member state of the EU should have at least 1 city equipped with the 5G network. In the Netherlands this will be Amsterdam. By 2025, the 5G network will have to be introduced throughout the Netherlands. For now, we will have to wait and see until the 5G network is actually implemented and is available to everyone.

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